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Who should attend?

If you are a plant manager and spend more the 1 million dollars on outages yearly

If you are a maintenance manager and spend more than 1 million dollars on outages yearly

If you are an asset manager of plants that spend more than 1 million dollars on outage yearly

Regional outage managers who have multiple plant outages in the course of an outage season

What will I get out of going to Outage Fundamentals?

You will get a framework of how to do outages that can be applied to your plant

You will increase your professional network

You will get ideas, concepts and processes that will increase your effectiveness as a power plant professional

You will get best achievable outage benchmarks to measure/monitor your outages

You will get an outage planning timeline that will drive your outage planning and execution

When is the conference?

August 2018

Where is the conference?

The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel 481 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 US +1-212-971-0101


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How much is the course?


Whats Included?

3 Day course, manuals, follow up calls, swag

Are meals included?

Yes, Lunch & Some Dinners

Are hotel and travel included?

No however the The New Yorker offers our guests a discounted room rate.

To make reservations call


How many spaces are available?

Contigent on space

What is to be expected at the conference?

Details and a schedule will be updated soon!

How can I register?


Can I pay by check?

Sure. Send $3000 to

The Outage Expert

74 1/2 Embury Ave

Ocean Grove NJ 07756

I have more questions

Call Jay Sikora at 908.770.4955 or email jsikora@theoutageexpert.com

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